dressed-up-261. Mom says when I was little I wanted to be a checker at Kmart by day and a go go dancer by night

2. When my mom delivered me they brought her the wrong baby, a little Asian girl, when they corrected the mistake my mom said we didn’t look much different

3. All my childhood memories good or bad are connected to food in some way-imagine that?

4. I grew up in Illinois ice skating on the creek to school in the snow

5. I saw the Exorcist in 3rd grade and spent my whole life traumatized by it, don’t worry I’m okay now – I had to see a therapist though.

6. I have a serious salt addiction, but live in denial by drinking gallons of water, it all balances out- right?

7. I’m romanced by fine French Food but cannot resist a fling with a good French Fry-ever

8.I secretly dream of being Martha Stewart and harvesting my own honey on my farm where  I raise bees. I’m proud to say she is my idol, love the woman

9. I often dream of living in another country, somewhere off in Europe but I think I will end up in Pasadena

10. I traveled to 13 countries in Europe when I was 20 years old, what a waste -young and stupid, didn’t eat enough

11. When I fell in love with Mike it was like a storybook, fairytale, romance movie, mad passionate love-I floated on air

12. I love roller coasters, the bigger the better- I laugh hysterically

13.I don’t eat chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or processed sugars but I can’t get enough street food, I’m happy eating on the curb in downtown LA- hot dog anyone?

14. I crave fried chicken and waffles ~ extra syrup please

15. I let the water run when I brush my teeth

16. I work out 5 days a week- hard, you can find me on the tread mill meditating and deep in thought…
I’m thinking about food

17. I cry every time I watch The Color Purple

18. I drink coffee with swirls of  real whipped cream ~ every morning

19. The happiest days of my life have been at the moment of introduction, ” hello baby, I’m your mommy”

20. I cry every time I see my daughter Sophia on stage performing

21. I have a hard time remembering anniversaries, dates, and  birthdays but I can tell you what I ordered off the menu 10 years ago…

22. I believe in peace that transcends all understanding- I live in it

23. I love any kind of adventure- road trip, I’m there

24. I believe it’s never too late for anything

25. I smile at almost everyone I get eye contact with- they always smile back