Camping Coffee

coffee campingCamping is just a wonderful outdoor activity. Spending a night under the stars in nothing but a tent really reminds us how close we can be with nature. However, some of us simply can not start a day without coffee and hiking can be tiring. Is there a solution? Of course, there is, so check out our guide to how to make coffee while camping!


#1 Like In Old Days:

The oldest method is also the most simple one. You just need to take a pot with you and some grounded coffee. Heat up some water in the pot and put the grounded coffee into it. Once it’s hot enough, remove it from the fire and allow it to become cool enough to drink. There are two downsides to this method, however. The first is that there will be coffee grounds in the bottom of your drink but you can simply not drink the last sip. The second is that if you otherwise would not use the pot, it could take up a lot of space in your gear.

#2 Coffee Bags:

If you know how to make tea you know how to make coffee too. There are coffee bags available to purchase that look exactly like tea bags – and can be used the same way too. Just heat up some water and put the coffee bag in your mug, then enjoy your coffee once it’s done. The pro side is that it is very convenient, easy, and is very light to carry. On the other side, the quality of the coffee might be poor depending on the brand you choose, so pick wisely!

#3 The One Cup Filters:

If you want to combine the classic taste of brewed coffee with the convenience of a tea bag, here is what you get. This little device is light and easily fits in your backpack. First, you need to heat up some water, put some grounded coffee in the filter, place it in your cup and pour the water in it. Pour the water slowly because this way you allow the coffee to drain. The last step is to enjoy your easy coffee!

#4 Use A Filter:

If you don’t want to use any fancy inventions and want to enjoy the primitive aspect of camping, yet you also can’t say no to your coffee, here is a less advanced version of the method above. It’s very simple too, so don’t worry. All you need is a filter and a pot of hot water. Put the grounded coffee into the filter and the filter into the hot water. Once you are done, take the filter out of your coffee – and enjoy your drink without the grounded coffee at the bottom of your pot!

#6 Instant Coffees:

Of course, the laziest method is yet to be mentioned. If you don’t really care about the taste and quality of the coffee and just want to kick start your morning, instant coffees are for you. Most of these work very easily: just heat up the water and mix a teaspoon of instant coffee with it. If you have no other way to get a cup of coffee you can use this but you will miss out on the ‘brewing coffee at the campfire’ feeling.

#7 Portable Coffee Machines:

There are many portable coffee machines that are made especially for camping. Some of them are easier to use, while others make real quality coffee easily. There’s the Aeropress Coffee Maker, the Portable Espresso Maker, to mention only two of the camping coffee makers. The reason behind their popularity is because these products were made especially for this reason – but there is a downside which is bringing too much modern technology to camping.

coffee toolsIn conclusion, there are many ways to go on a camping and not miss your morning coffee. It’s up to you which factors are the most important to you. Is it the authentic taste of the most primitive method? The convenience and quality of coffee makers? Or you are the lazy type who will go for the instant coffee? You decide but the main point is that now you know how to do it!